29 jul 2010

And this is why my hair will stay like it is

Sites like this have been around since the internet existed only as the dial up kind, but is always a lot of fun to come back and play around with the so many looks that are out there to realize that your hair is fine like it is.

Of course, my choice of looks were the most outrageous hairstyles i could find to laugh myself a little. If you wanna upload your picture too, get in here

Páginas como estas han habido desde que el internet era Dial Up, pero siempre es bueno volver a jugar con los estilos para que te des cuenta que tu pelo está bien como está.

Claro, yo también seleccioné los looks más anti yo, para reirme un poco. Si quieres subir tu foto también, metete aquí

The Gaga

The Tabatha Coffey

The Lauren Conrad

The Rihanna

The Penelope Cruz

The Margot Tenenbaum

And finally, the Whoopie

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