23 nov 2009

Tonight you're only here to know

For personal and sometimes tortured reasons -- I can't have it so no one else can! -- observers declare that they just don't understand the attraction of these strange and expensive clothes. That would be a fair argument if those same complainers lashed out at people who spend thousands of dollars on Redskins season tickets, vintage wines, first-edition books or midlife-crisis cars. But those industries don't stir nearly as much ire from people who are uninterested in them.
Everyone has a passion that is lost on others.

-Robin Givhan, The Washington Post, October 18th

Esto lo tomé del blog de Tavi, una niña de 13 con un futuro loquísimo en el mundo de la moda. Supongo que así nos sentimos los fashion bloggers, los estilistas, productores de moda, amantes de una vogue y demás.

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